…more friends is a good thing.

We are always looking for ways to give back and learn more about what is going on in the communities around us. Mackies Place in Surrey came to our attention through relationships we have with friends who gushed about the Mackies Place Team and their after school “hub” for vulnerable youth. Through conversation and meetings we learned more about the organizaiton and we were impressed! This is a place where the local youth find community, learn new skills and feel connected. The commitment to the lives of these young adults is unmatched and their love and care for all involved is inspiring.  This resonated with us and we are now supporting Mackies Place through volunteering at their meal service, promoting awareness and special event sponsorship. If you like teens …(and c’mon, we were all teenager once) check this place out. They would love help training or chatting with teens about any subject (really anything!) on how to launch into the workforce or gain new skills…share your passion with the kids to inspire them or to show them they can do it too!

Building with Purpose,

The Gramercy Team





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