This past month has shown us that we need to know the best of our community both outdoors and indoors.

Bad weather can put a damper on outdoor fun so it never hurts to be aware of fun indoor options to get your kids moving and off the couch on not-so-great days. Aldergrove’s Kinsmen Community Centre is close by and offers a fitness centre and local library while the Community Arena offers drop-in skating. Twenty minutes away in Langley, there are five rec centres: George Preston, W. C. Blair, Walnut Grove, Willoughby and Willowbrook.

Indoor fun will be even closer in 2018 with the completion of the new leisure and recreation centre in downtown Aldergrove. This multi-purpose facility will be home to numerous community activities and events and features a 550 seat arena, fitness centre, walking surface and outdoor aquatic facility including pool, waterslide tower, tidal pool, current channel, children’s aqua structure and playground. For more details on this exciting new addition to the community, click the button below.